Education Program

Trainworks: Bringing NSW Railway history to life!

Trainworks tells the story of New South Wales rail history through Australia’s largest showcase of rolling stock railway objects and memorabilia.

Students are able to see a wide variety of historic trains on display and gain insights into the way in which transportation changed and continues to change lives in NSW.

Curriculum Links

The Trainworks site and collection is best suited to curriculum learning for primary students. The resources developed particularly address the following units of the NSW syllabis for the National Curriculum:


  • Early stage 1 – Personal and family histories
  • Stage 1 – Present and past family life
  • Stage 1 – The past in the present
  • Stage 2 – Community and remembrance
  • Stage 3 – The Australian colonies


  • Stage 1 & 2 – Physical world
  • Stage 1, 2 & 3 – Material world
  • Stage 1, 2 & 3 – Built environments
  • Stage 1, 2 & 3 – Products

Click here for more information about links to outcomes and content.

Trainworks provides educational program options for those who prefer guided visits with our trained and knowledgeable volunteers or those who wish to discover the site on their own.

Overview of Education Programs

The Trainworks guided tour program lasts for 90mins and includes an introductory talk, a guided tour and student workbook.

The Trainworks self-guided tour can last as long as you need and can be adapted for older audiences. The suggested museum trail focuses on a number of key trains, objects and areas within Trainworks.

Teacher Resources

Research suggests that learning in museums is maximised if the students are prepared for their visit. Providing students with an overview of the museum layout, making them familiar with the key concepts on display and integrating their visit into units of work studied at school, can help students retain learning.

Trainworks provides the following resources to help you and your students get the most out of your visit:

1.       Pre-visit Materials

-          Pre-visit Slideshow Final (PDF)

-          Pre-visit Slideshow Final (PPT)

-          Trainworks Schools Venue and Safety Information (PDF)

2.       Self-Guided (Teacher-led Program Materials)

-          Stage 1 Years 1-2 Trainworks Activities (PDF)

-          Stage 2 Years 3-4 Trainwroks Activities (PDF)

-          Trainworks Teachers Notes (PDF)

3.       Guide-led Program Materials

-          Trainworks Steam Adventure Booklet Spread Version (PDF)

-          Trainworks Teachers Notes ABRIDGED VERSION (PDF)

4.       Post-visit Materials

-          Stage1 Trainworks Excursion Revision Quiz (PDF)

-          Stage2 Trainworks Excursion Revision Quiz (PDF)

-          Trainworks Feedback Form (PDF)

5.       Booking Request Form Schools Group

-          Booking Request Form Schools Group

6.       Further Resources

-          Visit the Transport Heritage NSW website for additional classroom resources such as craft activities, videos, powerpoint slides and worksheets about the NSW railways, steam engines, jobs on the railways and rail safety.

-          Click here for a list of links to other useful resouces about rail safety, rail heritage and rail infrastructure.


Risk Assessment

Trainworks Venue Safety Information for School Excursions (PDF)

How to Book

All groups visiting Trainworks must book in advance.
Booking enquiries can be made by phone on 02 4683 6800 or


Guided visit: $11 per student
Self-guided (Teacher-led) visit: $9 per student
Accompanying staff/carers free of charge to a max ratio of 1:10 adults to students. Additional adults $19 each.

For more information call us on 02 4683 6800 or email